7 Tips To Boss Your Skype Video Interview

Video conferencing or remote Interviews are becoming a norm than the exception. Companies and prospective individuals, cut down on travel expenses, and time; more so if someone has to cross continents for the interview. Skype can save the prospective employer and the employee, the initial filtering process by providing a much quicker and easier way to interact than the time consuming face-to-face interview. While It is convenient and cost effective yet there are certain limitations like not a good enough broadband connection, a below-average webcam or noisy background that can make it less than ideal, however it is still chosen over a phone call and increasingly companies and professionals are waking upto the need for understanding and using Skype effectively.

While installing Skype is hardly a talent, using it to one’s advantage is definitely an acquired skill. There are things you need to learn and be prepare of if you’d like to ace that interview like no one else. And here is a list that might come handy:

1. Choose your Skype name wisely

Willy Wonka, would definitely not sound professional for an interview and @Imtheman can spoil that first impression with your future employer. Try not to get off on the wrong foot when you can carefully select a more professional sounding name.

2. Set Up In Advance

Downloading and installing Skype may be a child’s play but setting it up isn’t. People waste ample time in adjusting, checking and testing when the actual interview is taking place and loose out on crucial preparation points. Set up your camera so that about half of your shirt can be seen, where you fit in perfectly within the frame and you don’t have to keep fiddling to remain there . Also do test the microphone well in advance.

3.Check The Lights

Check which wall you would like to use as background, whether light to that wall is enough and not too dark. Also if you wear glasses, minimise the reflection of your monitor by changing its angle.

4. Choose A Subtle Background

A white wall, a bookshelf or a vase in the corner can be chosen for the background.  A curtain, T.V, Mirror or a messy centre table do not give a good impression. A display of personal items may not be a good idea either. However, a well managed study desk gives a sense of good organisational skills.

5. Dress The Part

Just because it is not in person, doesn’t mean it’s not an interview. The non-verbal cues, the appropriate attire and the eye contact, all remain integral for the interaction. Depending on the profile you’ve applied, dress accordingly.  Not all the interviews require one to be in business suits. A few, like a radio jockey can dress up a little creative to have an edge. But again check with the company’s acceptable dress codes.

6. Practice Wouldn’t Kill You

Ask your neighbour, your mom, your dad, brother or anyone who’d help you practice with the interview. If it is one of those interviews you really want to crack and have waited long enough to get, do not waste it by taking chances. Get your friends or anybody who’d help to schedule a practice and do a demo run. Recording of the same is extremely important as it would give you an insight into how you come across; whether  you use your hands too much or if you are slouching in that chair. Do a critical evaluation of your video, repeat it a few more times if necessary and you are good to go.

7. These Little Details

Looking at the webcam than the screen, getting a sitter for young children, feeding your pets, researching about the company in advance, preparing for the commonly asked questions, preparing the list of questions you’d like to ask, making sure the broadband connection is good enough,  keeping the samples of your word ready in soft copy if asked to be sent during the interview, not opening Facebook in another tab and putting your phone in silent mode are few more things to remind yourself before sitting for that important interview.

Getting interviewed on a conference call or on Skype are going to be a trend and it is only good to be equipped with the basics of the same to not lose out on your potential favourite job. Take care of the pointers mentioned in the article and let us know if you have a few more to add.

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