A Refreshed Look For Skype for Android 5.6

We have yet another update from Microsoft. This time Skype for Android has been updated to version 5.6 which brought a whole load of visual changes making this version of the Skype app more beautiful to behold and much easier to use.

Easily See Your Active Chats

If you are a heavy Skype user like myself and have multiple chats going at the same time it can be a little tricky. I can’t count the times I’ve had to type in “err, not for you, sorry” as I have entered a response into the wrong conversation. So the latest version of Skype for Android has been updated to let you see more chats in the recent tab. Which makes it a whole lot easier to jump in to a conversation and start chatting.

skype-for-android 5.6

Updated  Round Avatars

You can now see which of your friends are online more easily, from anywhere in the app. With polished and unified the avatar pictures, the app has a simpler look and feels more consistent.

Updated Chat Bubbles

In a chat, they have adjusted the color of the chat bubbles which helps make the text stand out more. Not only does this help you read your messages more easily, but you’ll also find it better to see to your entries from  everyone else. This has definitely helped me as I use group chats a lot and it helps me pick out the my own entries.

Stability of the Android version of the app has been improved removing some of troublesome glitches and bugs that having been causing the previous versions to trip up every now and then.  Hopefully now most of those are resolved.

So if you are ready for this latest update, it is now available to download so head on over to the  Play Store and try out this new slicker version of Skype for Android.



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