‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Scenes Were Directed Over Skype

Skype even had a part to play in the movie “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” which was released this weekend and created with the most state of the art motion capture visual effects there is.

While the film’s technology allowed actors like Andy Serkis to bring the planet of the apes to life, Skype has allowed director (and avid “Planet of the Apes” fanboy) Matt Reeves to tinker with the film’s ending.

/Film reports that Reeves was able to redo the ending of the film by directing Andy Serkis over Skype:

“This is the first movie where I’ve ever directed scenes over Skype. And mo-cap enables you to do that. And actually that last shot, when I realized that that was not the right ending, I went to [visual effects studio] Weta and I said, okay, so we gotta do something different. And they’re like, well you’re gonna need a performance. So we did a thing where Andy was in London and he was at [his performance capture studio] the Imaginarium. And we hooked up via Skype and I looked at a big plasma and I talked him through what was going on in that last sequence as he’s coming down those steps. And we basically did it over Skype.”

Reeves also used Skype to make last minute changes to other scenes in the movie as well. Reeves was able to direct both actor Jason Clarke and Serkis simultaneously while Clarke was in an Italian hotel room on location shooting another film, and Serkis was in London.

It’s incredible that Reeves by utilising Skype allowed him to put together minor reshoots with just six weeks to go until the premiere plus the fact that his cast and crew were  scattered around the world. We believe him to be one of the first to put a film together using Skype in the process.

Reeves goes on to say “I don’t know if we’re the only one, or if we’re the first movie to have done a scene on Skype, But it’s certainly the first time I’ve done it.”

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