Microsoft to Launch Skype Browser Based Version

Microsoft have announced that we will all be able to use Skype from a browser — without having to download anything because they’re launching a web-based version of their video-conferencing platform.

This latest version of Skype, currently in beta, will allows users to log in to their existing accounts from Skype’s own website when using any of the major browsers, Chome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. Instant messaging is supported as soon as you log in. Voice and video calls will require the user to install a browser plugin, but Microsoft says this isonly temporary and a full version requiring no plugin will soon be available.

“In the future, using Skype on the web will become even easier and convenient,” the company wrote in their press release blog post. “Imagine you wanted to meet your child’s teacher, or conduct an online interview with a potential candidate — you’ll be able to chat over Skype directly from a browser in just a click.”

Even though the new version is still in beta, note that there are several issues with Skype’s current web-based version. Microsoft says that Mac users may experience problems with battery consumption. Outgoing video calls take longer than normal to connect for all web users.

The new service will be available to a limited number of users “in the coming months,” with a larger rollout to follow.

Those who are selected for the beta testing will see invitations when they log in to their Skype account from

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