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Missing Voice Message Support Returns in Skype for iPhone 5.2

When Skype released it’s Skype for iPhone app last month, regular Skype users were quick to realise that this update had no support for voice messages. The users Voice messages could not be accessed from the new iPhone version. Even when Skype released version 5.1, the feature was still absent from the update. The only solution for the user was to access their voice messages on Skype through another platform.

Microsoft has finally announced that Skype 5.2 has brought the useful feature back to their iPhone version with voice messages now showing up in line from other callers. Other features has also been included in addition to voice message support, the latest version adds a new way to view contact information and also add contacts into existing message threads.

Skype have described the updated features in version 5.2 on their blog post:

  • Voice message support: When you receive a new voice message from someone, it will show up in the conversation. To listen, just press play.
  • View contact profiles: Simply tap on any contact in your people list and then select profile from the “…” menu, and your contact’s mood message, Skype name, birthday, location and more will be available.  Additionally, if you are in a 1 to 1 conversation, you can just tap on the contact name in the header to bring up their profile.
  • Add participants to existing conversations: Tap on the “…” menu in the bottom right corner of any conversation (1 to 1 or group), and you’ll be presented with a shiny new “add participants” option.


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