Samsung TVs Now Have Skype HD Video Calling

One of the things that I have always looked forward to one day experiencing is something that I saw in the movie Back To The Future Pt2. And now it’s finally the year the young Marty McFly traveled to it’s not the Hoverboard that got me, even though that was very cool, or even his soon to be a reality Nike shoes. What did it for me was the large flat screen TV that was above the fireplace in future Marty’s home. I loved the fact that it also did video calls.

We’ve had large flat screen TVs for a few years now, and as technology has made them smarter, some may say too smart, HD TVs are finally the communication centers I saw in that film back in the 80s.

The new Samsung TVs now have Skype HD video calling with the Skype 4.0 app installed on them. The new Samsung TV isn’t only designed and built to show great images, but with it’s built in webcam it’s also captures them. This camera is capable of Full HD video capture, and the Skype 4.0 app for TV has been developed with that in mind.

So in today’s internet ready household how do you make sure you are getting the best video quality Skype call on your Samsung TV.

So firstly, if you haven’t tried using Skype 4.0 on a TV yet,  take a look at Skype’s getting-started tips here.

Most of you probably already know that the more detail (or definition) there is in your video, the faster your home network needs to be to transport it.

So should you use WiFi or a wired connection for your Skype calls?


In most homes your wireless router is probably in the same room as your TV. This could be enough for a fast connection to the TV, but it’s not always a stable one because of the way wireless technology works, so plugging in a network cable between your router and your TV will give you a more reliable stable connection for HD calls.

But If your broadband signal doesn’t enter your house in the same room as your TV, you could consider using powerline networking (also known as power-line communication) if you find your WiFi signal isn’t strong and reliable enough. This kind of connection uses your households electrical ring main as a network supplier throughout your home. Any local computer retailer should be able to help you and tell you more about powerline networking and what you’ll need to get it started.


Group video calls are fantastic and using your Samsung with Skype 4.0 you can get up to two friends on a call with you. But Full HD video quality really needs to be on a one-to-one call.

Remember that video calling is a two way thing. Even though you’re connected to a fast network, the quality of the video you receive is also going to depend on your friend’s webcam.  A webcam upgrade might make the perfect gift for the people you call the most.

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