Skype 6 for iOS

Skype 6.0 brings a wide array of improvements, that work upon improving the user experience, and giving it an edge over its rivals. It has introduced quite a few features and has completely redesigned the way you’d interact with the application now. Talking to the people you care most about is now easier than it was ever before.

The one thing Microsoft has worked on most in the latest update is the GUI and many interesting features. Nonetheless, 6.0 also fixes many bugs and crash issues, making it much more reliable than its older versions. We’d be covering about Skype on iOS in this article while you can read about Skype on Android on our website.

Complete Makeover

The newest update brings about a new interface, which has taken a page from Microsoft’s Metro design while making it feel like a traditional iOS app. This feat ensures that the user experience is new, yet comfortable one. You can now place calls and find conversations with a few swipes. It’s exquisite, and the colors are perfect. Microsoft’s nailed the layout with Skype 6.0.


Enhanced Search

Like the Android version, iOS now has an enhanced search engine. Skype has been known for its notorious search engine, but that issue has been taken care of in this update. In fact, the new search engine has been upgraded. This means that it will find your favorite contacts and those old conversations much faster than it used to. We tried it out, and it didn’t disappoint! Skype’s search is now spot-on, and you can now find almost anything in the span of a few seconds!


Faster functions for iPad

Skype for iPad never really utilized the screen size properly. But Skype 6.0 has managed to change the whole look of Skype on the large display. It slightly resembles you of Facebook’s Messenger, and functions almost in the same way. However, Microsoft’s Skype allows easy sharing of locations, large emoticons, allows you to view web links without any trouble. And with its new Mojis, Skype will probably retain its #1 rank, deservingly.


That’s Skype’s latest version explained. Microsoft hasn’t told us a lot about these features as of now. The other improvements we haven’t talked about are fewer bug crashes and faster loading times, which would lift Skype’s ratings drastically. But the Internet is still not very accepting of changes, and whether the new layout and design would be accepted by people, is still for all of us to see.


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