Skype App or Google Hangout – Which is Better?

In the world of technology there are many similar products. Products that offer pretty much the same services, and this means making a decision often pretty difficult. Skype App and Google Hangout are two VOIP products that both offer similar means of internet communication. But which one is better?

Google Hangouts

Google’s Google Hangouts is their video chat and instant messaging platform. Launched on May 15, 2013, It replaced all of the predecessors apps created by Google,  Talk, Google+ Messenger and Hangouts.  It was designed for the future launching of Google Voice.

Google Hangouts is a built-in application just for use on your mobile phones. It receives Automatic updates once you open your Wi-Fi and connect to the internet. Before it came out, Google already created several similar applications, which had different services and platforms. Despite its upgrades, its fragmented and non-unified suite of messaging offers were also facing a wide variety of competitors such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and iMessage, who are also taking a chunk of the market. Google Hangouts was developed to focus their efforts in the marketplace.

Hangouts does allow users to hold conversations between two or more users and can be accessed online through your Gmail and Google+.

The mobile application is available for Androids and iOS. In Androids latest Kitkat 4.4, Hangouts is now integrated with sending and receiving text message functions, and is the default application in Google Nexus 5.


Skype App

Skype App was first seen back in  August 2003. Since then over 725 Million users have registered up to the end of 2011. Following being purchased by Microsoft and has garnered $8.5 Billion earnings in that same year.

The Skype application allows you to communicate with friends by means of a voice calls using a microphone, video calls using a webcam and instant messaging through the use of the internet. All calls to other Skype users are free of charge, and you can call landlines and mobile phones for a fee, generally lower than other operators.

Another useful feature is the ability to file transfer between skype users while comunicating, and to have conference calls up to 10 users, and also share your desktop, so you can explain or help technically over the system. This is also an added bonus to teach online.

Microsoft has now phased out its long-standing Windows Live Messenger instant messaging services in favor of Skype. Features Skype users are identified by a unique Skype Name and are then listed in the Skype Directory which can also access your own address book.

Skype runs a huge number of platforms including Microsoft, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS and Blackberry  Google Hangouts is limited to only Android phones iOS and Google users.

As we have reported elsewhere on this website, Skype can support Voice Messaging to iPhone users. It has upgraded in version 5.2 to enable iPhone users to have direct access to Skype. All new features are launched exclusively for iPhone users.

To stay in the game, Google Hangouts is about to introduce their latest version – the Google Voice. There is no specific date on the press release of this application, but it will surely hit the eyes of the users.

So out of the two apps, it is quite obvious that Skype is taking the lead.  But in the end, the decision on which mobile app depends on the users’ needs. At the moment, our money is on Skype.


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