Skype App

Skype App


If you want to use Skype on a mobile you want to download the Skype Application for your phone.

Skype Apps

While Skype itself doesn’t support the recording of calls, there are a number of plug-in apps available by third party developers which do just that. Our favourites are listed below:

ECamm (Mac) – click here.

Pamela (PC) click here.

Download Skype App/Skype Mobile App

  • Skype for Windows Phone – To use Skype for Windows phone, make sure you’re using Windows 7.5 or above.
  • Download Skype for Android – if you’re using Skype on an Android phone, you must make sure you have at least 27MB of free storage before downloading the app. Also make sure you’re using Android OS V2.2 or above. Check out more info about Skype for Android on our page here.
  • Skype for Blackberry – download the Skype app free at Blackberry world.
  • Skype App for iPhone – Download the link (left) and it’s really easy to get going with the Skype app for iPhone. You can also get it by typing ‘Skype app store’ in google from your device. For more information on this, see our Skype for iPhone page. 
  • Skype App for iPad – As with the Skype for iPhone app, the Skype for iPad app is really easy to use and you get a much larger picture to make video calls that bit more enjoyable.

Skype on X-Box

  • Skype on X-Box One – There is a specifically designed Skype app available on the X-box One. To make a Skype call, sign into your X-box One console and select the Skype tile, select the phone icon and enter the number you wish to call.


  • Skype on X-Box 360 – To get Skype working on the X-box 360, you need to connect your Hotmail or Live Microsoft account and Skype connected. Check out this video to get Skype working on your X-box 360:

Skype for Windows 8

To use Skype for Modern Windows (you can download here) you will need Windows XP with SP3 Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1.

Skype App for Mac

Get Skype app for Mac here. For more info on using Skype on a Mac, check out our dedicated page here.

Skype App for Kindle Fire HD

The Skype app is pre-loaded on your Kindle Fire, but if you can’t find it, you can get the Skype app for Kindle Fire here. 

Skype App for Chromebook

Sadly, for now, you can’t use Skype on a Chromebook, but the alternative is to use Google Hangouts. Here’s how:

1. Click the search key Skype-for-Chromebook

2. Select Hangoutsgoogle-hangouts-call

3. Choose “Add Telephone” and enter the number of the person you want to call, or for a video call choose “Add people to this video call” and enter the email address of who you want to call. 

4. Select the Call button to be connected, or the blue submit button for video calls. Google-Hangout