Skype Chat Notifications Improves With New Active Endpoint

Skype Chat Notification Chaos

A problem that we have in our office here at Skype Login is the amount of gadgets, phones, tablets and computers that are simultaneously accessing the same skype account. So when it rings, the said devices all sound off at the same time, but you could answer one, and others connected to your account still ring. This was not a problem back in the day when we owned one device, but we are nearly all multiusers these days, so this was  problem that really needed addressing.

Skype now understands that notifications appearing simultaneously on multiple devices can really get to you, and also cause problems once the connnection is made, often I cannot hear the caller properly because of this. So why not receive messages on the device you’re currently using at the time instead of all your active devices? It would be cool if you could contain chat notifications to just the device are utilising at the moment?

So at last Skype has decided to introduce a new chat notification feature known as active endpoint.

Active Endpoint is designed to provide notifications to the device that you are currently using (known as the active endpoint). If you’re using one of your three tablets, for example, Skype will send notifications to the tablet closest to you, while forbidding the others to issue notifications at the time. After you stop using one tablet, chat notifications will reappear on all three tablets again. If you decide to use one of the other tablets next, active endpoint kicks in and Skype will only notify you on the device that’s in your hand.

Skype says that this new feature is rolling out over the next few weeks  and that, to make sure you get the update, you should update Skype to the most recent version of Microsoft’s chat service.

Skype has definitely developed a winner here with the new active endpoint feature, hopefully other notification system users will incorporate a similar feature in their applications, as it’s time that all our active notifications can connect to us in this manner across multiple devices.

Visit the Skype active endpoint announcement to learn more.

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