Skype Chat

Skype Chat

You can use Skype in a number of ways, for calling friends for free anywhere in the world, to video calling your friends, to using Skype Messenger as a free Skype online messenger service to send instant messages from your mobile, PC or Mac.

You can Skype chat online using Skype instant messenger for Skype group chat, to Skype multiple people, or for solo Skype chat by following these steps:

  1. Choose who you want to message
  2. Next to the Green ‘Call’ button, click the +
  3. Add anyone else you want to include
  4. Type your message in the message window at the bottom
  5. If your friends are online, they will receive a notification from you and you can begin your group chat

Skype Chat History

You can view your chat history by looking at the sidebar in Skype, and viewing the ‘Recent’ section, which will list all the chats you have had in the last 12 hours.

To increase how long the chat history remains here, you can go to Skype>Preferences>General>Move read conversations to history after…and select either 12 hours, one day or one week.

Delete Skype Messages/Chat History

Here we’ll tell you how to delete Skype messages in your chat history.

Mac Users: To delete Skype chat history, in the menu bar choose Skype>Preferences>Privacy>Delete all chat history

PC Users: To delete Skype chat history go to Tools>Options>IM & SMS>Clear History

Skype Chat Rooms

Skype has not been set up as a friendship or dating portal like some other sites, it has been designed to enable contact between people who are already friends or acquaintances. But there are other sites which support Skype chat rooms such as this one. You can Skype multiple people (if you know their Skype names) and form a mini Skype chat room by following the steps above for Skype Chat.

Skype Games

If you want to use Skype for games, there is a great app called ‘Play Games’ on the Skype App store.