Skype Conference Calls Now Free On Surface

This week, Microsoft made Skype Conference Calls free for Skype users of tablets like their Windows Surface. The Skype Conference feature has been available on other Windows platforms such as their desktop version for sometime now.

Skype conference calls were already free to “existing platforms” like the Windows PC since last April, and Microsoft has now decided to open that up to tablet users as well.

Since adding the free group calling feature, Microsoft states it saw its use increase fourfold. They also go on to mention that most “conference” calls are actually just a small number of people of about four. They also state “When building the group video calling experience for modern Windows, we optimized so that the three most talkative people – plus yourself – are visible at the same time.”

Up to Ten Users on Skype Conference

The system so far caters for up to ten users at the same time, but only the most talkative people are actually displayed in the video windows.

One of the cool things that you can do while in a Skype Conference is that you can check out a website, watch a YouTube video, even check email, and you can still snap Skype even while on a group call, so you can multitask and keep the conversation going.
Google, who offer their own video conferencing system, Hangouts, has always been free for group chats for up to ten users.

Up until now, group video calls are not possible on the Windows Phone, only group audio calls are available due to limited screen space, but group instant messaging is possible.

This new Skype update is now available for download but only supports Windows 8.1 devices, so if you had better upgrade your software from Windows 8 to 8.1,to get this great new features.
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