Skype Conference

Skype conference call

Skype Conference

Making a Skype conference or Skype group video call is very easy, and is covered more on our Skype Video page.

With Skype video conference you can Skype multiple people at the same time. To make a Skype conference video call, all you have to do is follow the same process as you would to call one person, except you select up to 10 then hit the video call button. The Skype conference call limit is set at 10 people, but for optimum call quality it is recommended that you keep to 5 or less.

Skype Conference Call iPad

To find out how to make a Skype conference phone call on your iPad, watch this video:

Skype Conference Call iPhone

To see how to make a conference call on an iPhone (iOS 7) by watching this video:

Skype Headset

To make the call quality a little more audible, we’d recommend you pick up a Skype headset from Amazon which is detailed more on our Skype Number page, which also explains more about getting a Skype subscription and how you can use Skype to streamline your business activities.

Skype Recorder

Another way to improve your business activities with Skype is to invest in a Skype video recorder, which will enable you to record interviews and convert to MP3 for podcasts etc. For more information on Skype recorders, check out our Skype Recorder page. 

We recommend ECamm recorder for Mac and Pamela recorder for PC. 

Skype Screen Sharing

To share your screen in Skype, you can only do this via a voice call (not video).

Share Screen Skype/Skype Screen Share

  1. Start the call with the person you wish to share your screen
  2. Click the + button and select Share Screen
  3. Your contact will be able to see your screen.

This is also covered with some pictures on our Skype Video page.