Skype for Android Now Connects to Your Contacts List

Since Microsoft released their new app for the iPhone, they concentrated on how a Skype for Android version 5.0 can connect with their smartphones. This version now blends the contact list in Android OS  phones with the friends list of Skype. This means easier ways to find your friends in your contacts book, giving you more chances of sharing, calling and chanting instantly.

Starting from Skype version 5.0, after a few months the users will be prompted from their mobile devices to verify their own phone numbers. Skype for Android will start looking for various contacts that matches between Skype friendlist and your address book. When there is a match, a new contacts list will show up in the people’s list in your Skype. Once the link is established, Skype will begin syncing its own address book as more contacts are added to your Skype contacts list.

Privacy concerns are raised of course, but Microsoft vowed to link the addresses responsibly. They have considered to make sure Skype does not spam any of your friends. This new feature is not automatic, as Skype have made sure that their users have control over the app, without messing every Skype user’s experience with the app. This feature is set manually under Skype’s settings, if they do not want to automatically link every address in your contacts list to be added into your Skype account. Users can also modify their phone number that is associated with their account or they can also deactivate it entirely, if they do not want their phone number to be found.

This new feature of Skype only available to Android users at the moment, but will soon be available on other platforms in the next few months.

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