Skype for iPhone 5.10 Brings Back URI Support

With the release of Skype for iPhone 5.10, Microsoft have brought back Skype URI support to the Apple product with new improvements to the dialer meaning it’s quicker and easier to start Skype conversations and stay in touch with friends and family.

The support for Skype URIs, means that developers can easily use Skype’s messaging and calling infrastructure to start calls and chats straight from their own mobile apps or mobile websites, rather than building their own.

As long as there is a Skype app is installed on an iPhone, when a user taps on a Skype name or phone number in an app, the URI opens the Skype app to connect a call or send a message, making a faster and seamless connection to reach friends, family or businesses. So if you’re browsing restaurant options on an app or mobile website that utilizes Skype URIs, tapping on the phone number would launch Skype so you could call and make a reservation.

Improvements to the dialer have been made to make it even easier to stay connected to the people who matter most to you. Now you can save phone numbers that have been entered into the dial pad and also phone numbers in your recent calls list. When you save the phone numbers, you can now easily create new contacts so you don’t have to search for the number next time you call them.

To download the latest version of Skype for iPhone, you can get the update from the App Store – all you’ll need is iOS 7 or later.

To learn more about Skype URIs, click here.

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