Skype For iPhone Gets Update For iOS 8

Skype for iPhone received a major update for iOS 8, and includes all new interactive notifications to take advantage of Apple’s new features in it’s latest OS update.

The new notifications in Skype let you respond to activities directly from notices as they appear, such as text-based messages, voice and video calls.

This means that Skype is a full-featured voice and text service, which is cool if you like using it more than your traditional cellular services.

Notifications now work for audio and video calls by allowing you to swipe left to answer or decline inbound voice, or swipe left to reveal a selector to either answer inbound video calls with video or with voice only when you’re at the lock screen.

And if you’re using your iPhone unlocked, you can answer it by pulling down on the notification banner at the top. Missed calls can also be responded to, either via a call back or a text reply, simply by swiping on the notification.

With messages, you can swipe left for new ones to reply on the lock screen, or pull down if it’s a banner notification. Unfortunately you’ll still have to enter your PIN or use your Touch ID unlock, and then you’ll be taken to the message where you can reply in-line.

This sounds like a great improvement to Skype for iPhone, and they are one of the first big apps to take advantage of the cool interactive notification features early on.

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