Skype for iPhone Updated With Improved Chat and Photo Management Tools

Skype for iPhone has been updated again! Microsoft are really taking their communication software seriously with yet another update not long after they optimised the app for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus just last month. The Skype app update for iOS now boasts faster loading times for chat, with additional options for saving photos, and some cool UI adjustments that allows the user to easier browsing of their People lists.

Microsoft states about their latest release,

In the Skype 5.7 for iPhone update, we addressed some of the most common user suggestions. We can’t wait for you to download the new version to take advantage of the new features inspired by your feedback:

-Save and delete photo – If you want to save a memorable photo to your camera roll or delete a sent photo from a chat, simply press and hold the image and the options will appear.
-Faster chat load time – Now when you receive a notification and tap it to open the app, the message will be there waiting for you without any delays.
-Avatars for all chat – You can now see all avatars for groups and people, and if they’re changed on other platforms, they’ll update in the app too so you always have the latest showing.
-People list UI improvements – In 5.7, we’ve made it easier to find the people list search and filter options, so you can quickly and easily find the person you want to chat with and get started.

Not only has Microsoft updated the iPhone app, but also the Skype for Mac app received its own update. Again shortly after the 7.0 update ehich brought the desktop app closer to the iOS version, Skype for Mac’s  7.1 update offers full support for Apple’s OS X Yosemite. There have been minor changes to enhance group profile features, including a feature that make it easier to copy links and to leave a group conversations.


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