Skype for Mac updated to version 7.

Skype for Mac has just been updated! Microsoft launched the latest version of the VOIP software to bring it more into line with with the stylings of Skype’s iOS app for iPhone and iPad.

There are some improvements too, a new side by side interface that allows the users to make calls, send messages and share files without having to switch screens which was one of the few things that felt a bit clunky with the previous versions.

Also added to version 7 is support for large emoticons, and the ability to change group chat images, support for limited instant message formatting, and the very cool feature that allows you to make your Favorites conversations “roam” and sync on supported platforms, and there’s a whole bunch of implemented bug fixes too.

If you like to share images and files whilst in conversation then this process has been made easier to do with this great all round update of the popular VOIP system, ten out of ten!

You can download the latest version of Skype for mac here

New Features Summary

  • Design refresh of the chat and calling experience
  • New file transfer experience including inline images
  • Support for large emoticons
  • Your Favorites conversations now “roam” and sync on supported platforms
  • Skype is now a 64-bit application
  • Support for limited instant message formatting – keep an eye on the Skype blogs to learn more about this feature soon
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