Skype For Mac

Skype for MacWith Skype on Mac you can have so much fun!

  • Free video calls on Skype and Facebook
  • Cheap calls to mobiles and landlines
  • Free instant messaging
  • Send video messages

Get Skype Download (Mac) here. 

You can Skype Mac to Mac, or PC to Mac or any mobile phone to Mac, and vice versa. As long as your contacts have Skype (either on their PC, Mac, or have the Skype app on their phone) you will be able to Skype them from anywhere in the world.

Skype Recorder Mac

There are many reasons why you might want to record Skype calls – perhaps you are taking lessons via Skype and want to listen back, maybe you’re interviewing someone for an article, maybe you need to keep records. At present recording Skype calls is not possible directly from within Skype, but there are a number of plug in applications from third party developers which allow you to do just that. Click on the links below to go to the website of each recorder.

Callnote Premium Call Recorder

CallTrunk for Skype


Evoca Call Recorder


Piezo (the free version allows 10 minutes of recording before noise is added to the recording)



Skype Update Mac

We recommend you regularly update Skype, so you can experience improved call quality, access new features and higher quality video calls. You can click here to see what updates are available on a Mac, or Download the latest version from this link.

Skype on Apple TV

To get Skype on Apple TV via Airplay, you will need to go to the control centre on your device (iOS 7), swipe up, select Airplay>Apple TV>Enable Mirroring.

Check out this video for tips on setting it up: