Skype for Office Online Makes Collaborating A Breeze

Have you ever felt the need to discuss a work colleague’s designs for a forthcoming company PowerPoint presentation, or even the contents of a Word document? Well, those clever people over at Microsoft have developed new versions of Skype to help people collaborate in Office Online Word and Office Online PowerPoint.

Skype for Office Online’s embeded chat experience is now available right next to the documents you are working on, allowing the users to chat and edit projects in real-time with other authors. Incorporating Skype allows users to speed up and simplify document editing by using Skype group chats instead of long email threads. It also helps authors keep track of which collegues are online working on the project as well as any messages you possibly might have missed.

All you need to get started is your Microsoft account. To get the best experience possible on Skype for Office Online, have your Skype account linked to your Microsoft account. If you haven’t linked the two accounts yet, click here.

Microsoft are genuinely committed to bringing the everyday Skype experience to more places, and now  that Skype is now available for Office Online Word and Office Online PowerPoint just shows the potential for the best voip system on the market.

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