Skype For Windows Phone Now Lets You Share Drawings

Skype For Windows Phone has a new update. The ability to send doodles and drawings with your contacts. Did this feature get it’s inspiration front the new Apple Watch?

There have been other applications available with this feature, most notably Google hangouts, but the appearance of this so soon after the Apple Watch raises suspicions as to it’s source of inspiration. None the less it’s a very useful addition to the voip mobile software.

There are several ways you can you this great new feature. Firstly you can start with a blank canvas if you’re an artistic type, but it’s the chance to doodle on photos and annotate Bing maps that could be really useful.

Along with the new feature there are a few meaningful under-the-hood upgrades, including HD display support and an option to sign in with your phone’s Microsoft account.

There is no word when the Android and iOS apps will get this updates, but knowing how much effort Microsoft seem to be putting into the whole Skype system, They only just released Skype Qik, that an update for the other mobile operating systems is surely not far behind.

This update is available for both Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1 users.

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