Skype Group Video Calling Service Is Now Free

The big question is why did they make the Skype Group Video Calling service free?

Skype has realized that, for all of us,  it’s “essential to connect with the groups of people who matter most, whether friends, family or colleagues.”  We here at Skype Login feel that their conference call service was losing ground to the competition that are now offering it for free.

So the ‘Group Video Calling’ service is now available free of charge to users of Windows desktop, OS X and the Xbox One. This makes it easier to share big news with many family members or friends on one call, and it’s great news for gamers . Skype mention in a blog post that the feature will be added to other platforms as soon as possible at no extra cost.

Skype launched group video calling as a premium service back in January 2011 (it was free before then), at a price of $4.99 for a day or $8.99 per month. Calling packages that Skype sells with GVC as a component will continue to be sold at the same price.

Up to ten people can be supported with Group video calling on Skype for Macs and PCs but the Xbox One is limited to just four.

General manager of Skype’s consumer product marketing, Phillip Snalune, has mentioned that Group Video Calling will be eventually available on Skype for Windows Phone, Android and iOS.As we mention earlier

As we mentioned earlier, Skype faces competition from rivals such as Google’s Hangouts, which has been offering free group video calling for a while now and hosts  “On Air” events with famous people.

This can only be a great development for all us Skype lovers!


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