Skype Introduces Video Mojis

First came messaging. But there are times when feelings can’t be expressed in words, and then came emoticons, because well, a picture can say a thousand words. And now, Microsoft introduces Mojis, short video clips, because sometimes, a thousand words are just not enough.

Mojis are short animations of iconic moments from various shows and movies that you can send to your friends. It’s a whole new way of expressing your feelings with your buddies, and in a world where there are too many messengers on the market, its small additions like these that give an application a slight edge over the others.

Mojis 1

Skype has teamed up with movie studios and shows like Dr. Who, Jurassic Park, Muppets and many more franchises for its collection. Microsoft has handpicked the most iconic, the best and the most amazing clips from a wide array of movies and shows. The GIF’s will have a link to the Windows Store too, where you can buy the TV show or the film.

Sending a Moji is quite simple; open the emoticon menu or press the ‘J’ key and the whole screen is filled with thumbnails of the various GIF’s. Kermit the frog and the Muppets, the Minions and many more characters. You can then preview the clip before sending it to your contacts. This addition offers a whole new way to convey your feelings.

It might seem a little far-fetched right now, but Microsoft is already calling it an ‘exciting step on a journey to make Skype an even more personal experience’. Let videos do the talking for you now. Alongside Mojis, there are now many other improvements in the latest version of
Microsoft’s Skype and it is for the future to decide how well these new features will be received and used.

Mojis 2

For now, Mojis are only available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Windows Phone users can’t use this feature yet, but Windows Phone happens to be a very important asset for Microsoft, and it won’t be long before this feature is rolled out to the Windows Phone too.

What do you think about Skype’s latest addition? Is it an extraordinary addition, or just another update that’d be forgotten soon? Let us know your views in the comments section below!




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