Skype Premium


Skype Premium

Is Skype Free?

Yes, it is free to set up and use a Skype account. When you can Skype and set up a Skype account with relative ease and completely free of charge, you might be wondering why you’d want to pay for Skype Premium.

The most likely answer is that you fall into one of the following options:

1. You make international calls to a non Skype phone (and you haven’t managed to convince the other person to sign up for a free Skype account)

2. You regularly have to make international calls to a particular country

3. You are working with someone in another territory and need to share your screen (this can also be done using Google Hangout for free)

Skype Premium allows you to:

  • Make unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones in a particular country of your choice
  • Live customer support through Chat
  • No adverts

It used to enable group video calls and group screen sharing, but this is now available in the free account, so watch this space to see what Skype Premium has in store for us.

Skype Credits



The brilliant thing about Skype credit is that you can choose a monthly subscription or pay as you go minutes (which start from as little as 0.6p per minute).

Skype Premium:

  1. Gives you the freedom to call mobiles and landlines across the world at relatively low cost
  2. Enables call forwarding to a mobile or landline of your choice
  3. Access up to 2 million WiFi hotspots around the world
  4. Send SMS texts for only a few pennies

Click here to buy Skype Credit now

Skype Rates

Skype calling rates for popular countries include the following:

UK: £1.29 per month (£1.48 incl VAT)

China: 79p per month (90.9p incl VAT)

USA: £2.99 per month (£3.44 incl VAT)

Skype call rates for calling abroad can be bought either as a subscription or as pay as you go.

Australia: £1.4p per minute (£1.7p incl VAT) or 79p per month (90.9p incl VAT)

Sweden: £1.4p per minute (£1.7p incl VAT) or 69p per month (79.4p incl VAT)

India: 0.8p per minute (0.9p incl VAT) or 99p per month (£1.14 incl VAT)

To search Skype international rates for other countries, click here. 

Skype Premium Free


Occasionally, Skype will offer a free one-month trial or free Skype credit. This is usually extended via an invitation, but you can also check Skype Special Offers to see if they are promoting free trials.

Currently Skype are offering Skype Unlimited World with the first month free. You can call mobiles in 8 countries and landlines in 63 different countries, and the usual Skype international rate is £8.49 per month. Click here to get Skype Unlimited World free now. 

Free Calls Online

You can still access a wealth of free calls online through Skype with a free account. Click here to find out more. 

Skype Business

Skype for Business has been created specifically due to how useful Skype can be for people who work remotely or in different offices. Skype Business comes with a Windows installer package (MSI).

Get the latest version of Skype – business version now.

Group video, instant messaging and sending large files are some of the features that are great when using Skype for Business. If you want to integrate Skype into your business, you can access the following features with a Skype Manager account

  • Free Skype to Skype video and voice calls
  • Call mobiles and landlines at low call rates
  • Create Skype accounts
  • Allocate Credit
  • Allocate features

Get Skype Manager now. 

Skype Number

Whether you want to take your business global, or just travelling, you can get your very own Skype number that people can dial from any phone, and be connected with your Skype number. The service costs only £2.92 per month (£3.35 incl VAT).


  • Access your Skype number from mobile, laptop or tablet.
  • Select phone numbers from a wealth of area codes in various countries or regions
  • Your Skype number will ring wherever you are.

Click here to read more about how it works. 

How Do I Get a Skype Number?

  1. Sign into your Skype account
  2. Click on Manage Features
  3. Select Skype Number
  4. Choose “Get a Skype Number” and follow the instructions to complete the urchase.