Skype Recorder


Skype Recorder

There are loads of free products – some allow you to record Skype video, others are for recording Skype calls, you can also get MP3 Skype recorder products to let you Skype record call, but before you record your Skype interviews, you might want to check the laws in the area you are operating, most of which require you to ask permission first, and once agreed, confirm this permission within the beginning of the recording and/or have it in writing.

The following Skype Recorders are by far our favourites:

For Skype Recorder Mac – we recommend ECAMM

ECamm is a Skype call recorder enabling you to record video or Skype calls directly to your Mac. ECamm gives incredibly high quality results, and if you want to use them to create podcasts, you can easily convert them to MP3 for Vimeo and Youtube.

You can try it FREE for 7 days using the above link.

For Skype Recorder PC – we recommend Pamela

With Pamela (Skype Recorder Windows) you can record both audio and video as in ECamm, but you get a 30 day trial, and it has a whole bunch of additional features which are really awesome.

Skype Recording

For more information on Skype video recording and our recommended Skype recording software, check out this helpful Skype Recorder video which details how you can use both ECamm (for Mac) or Pamela (for PC) to Skype record video.

Skype Recorder iPad

There are options for you to record Skype calls on your iPad using various Apps. SkyRecord is our favourite. Get it at the App store.

Skype Recorder Free

There are a lot of free Skype recorders, but the quality varies a lot, so we would still recommend you check out ECamm for Mac and Pamela for PC, both of which have free trials.

Skype Voice Changer

For some real fun stuff, you can get a Skype voice changer using GarageBand and Soundflower!

Click here to download GarageBand for Mac.

You can download Soundflower from this link.

Check out this video to find out more: