skype screen sharing

Skype Screen Sharing Returns for Free!

Skype screen sharing is once again FREE! This is good news because when Microsoft took over the company, the Skype screen sharing feature was only available through the company’s premium account. I personally have missed this feature having to use Google’s Hangout to utilise screen sharing, and as a user of Skype for many years resented having to set up another system just to have this feature. It’s a clever move by Microsoft as it now opens up the possibility for all users to start using Skype fully at the entry level.The change albeit small does mean that more people will start using Skype. Skype conference becomes much more useful with sharing available for up to 25 people viewing the same master screen, of which there are any practical uses for this such as training courses, presentations and meetings that involve a distributed workforce.This change is unlikely to reduce premium users, as many also utilise the cheaper phone tariffs the system offers, but in the long term this will definitely attract more users initial to convert to premium customers.
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