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Skype Sign In / Skype Sign Up

It’s pretty straightforward to use Skype Sign In online. All you have to do is click on this link and follow the instructions. If you want to sign in with your Facebook account or Microsoft account instead, you can click on the relevant buttons at the top.

You can use Skype on your laptop or desktop computer (Linux, Mac or PC), your phone (see our Skype for Mobile page) or on a tablet, X-Box or Kindle.

If you have already downloaded Skype onto your device, you can use the Skype login page to sign in to your account after launching the application.

Skype – Forgot Password

If you are having any Skype problems, or experiencing any part of Skype not working such as losing your Skype password, Skype ID or Skype usernames, or are having any other Skype login problem, you can recover your Skype account by clicking this link and entering the email you used to register. You will receive an email explaining how you can recover your account.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the Skype register, you can access it by clicking on the Directory in the left hand corner and entering the Skype Name, Location or Email address of the person you want to contact. There is more information on the Skype Directory on our Skype Download Page (including a handy video).

The Skype Download page is also a good place to find out about other Skype troubleshooting information.