Skype Tips – 6 Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

Skype and voip have definitely changed the way we communicate across the world. Here is a list of 6 Skype tips to help you get the most out of your Skype connection.

Tip 1. Reduce Your Business Phone Costs

If your business still relies heavily on the use of the telephone then this could save you a lot of money!

As you know Skype-to-Skype calls are free, but Skype is only any use to you if all  your contacts are Skype users. However did you know you can call landlines and mobile numbers from Skype?  What you need to do is to purchase some Credit or sign up to their Skype subscription service, then you can use Skype to call  landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world—and at a far cheaper rate than normal telephone charges.

The per-minute cost for a Skype call is generally much less than your local telephone provider would charge. By purchasing a skype in number you can have a second number in your home country that you can give to people to use for when you are abroad,  that will link to your skype account, so people can call you with this number and connect to you through skype. Get more info on  Skype rates and payment options here.

Tip 2. Give Training Online with Skype

Online training is a boom business. The ability to teach a group of people from your desktop live increases the size of your teaching environment from one room to the entire world.

As you know Skype calls can combine audio with video and let you both see each other whilst calling. Up to 10 people can participate at once, and the cool thing is that this service is available for a range of skype compatible devices (including desktops, laptops, Xbox, and tablets) and I hear mobile support coming soon.

But the big bonus for online training is the ability to share screens over Skype, which lets you see the other person’s screen, which is great for explaining and demonstrating software packages, better still is that you can even operate their screen and software by using your mouse.

This makes Skype for both collaborative and training purposes, with the additional benefits of sharing files while you work with all your participants.

Tip 3. Call from your own Website

This one has to be my favourite and you can see it has a whole host of benefits to any business from small to large.

You can now place a Skype Button on your website or blog, so visitors can call you or send you a message directly from your site. These buttons offer a one-click way for customers or team members to contact you regardless of your location.

You can configure the button to let site visitors call you, message you, or both. Because they’re calling your Skype number you can answer the call via Skype, or you can have the call forwarded to your mobile or landline. Additionally you can have Skype answer your calls by utilising Skype voice mail.You may never lose that all important lead. Bear in mind that you need to adjust a few of your Skype settings to use this function properly, so that people outside your contact list can call you by making that change via the Skype Options in the Privacy Settings tab.

Tip 4. Send a SMS Text Without a Phone

The ability to send sms from your desktop is available on a host of other applications, and Skype also has that facility. Unfortunately you will have to buy some Skype credit as this is not a free service.

To send and SMS launch Skype, and click the Call button. From the flag dropdown list, select the country that you want to SMS and type the local number in that country. then instead of clicking to make a phone call, click the SMS button and type your SMS message. The cost of the message appears underneath the message line—click to send the message when you’re done, easy! and a whole lot quicker than typing it on your fiddly mobile keyboard.

Tip 5. Look Like a Local

Are you developing a product or service that may work better in a different country?  I mentioned this a little earlier, but you can buy Skype in numbers in not only your local country but in countries too.

For example, if you have clients in the UK you can buy a UK number through Skype. Give that number to your clients so they can call a UK number at UK call rates to talk to you. When they call you, the call will come to your Skype account. If being connected to Skype 24/7 isn’t convenient you can use Skype call forwarding to send all calls to your mobile or landline.

Apeearing local can be good for business and Skype numbers cost only $5 per month for a 12 month subscription and per-minute call forwarding charges vary. More Info on Skype in numbers here.

Tip 6. Add a Skype Button to your Gmail signature

In the same way you can add call button to your website,  you can add a call button to your signature in your G-mail. Here’s how you do it.

Navigate to a free button website such as Find Icons or Enfuzed (links in Resources) and download the Skype button that you want to add to your email. Alternatively, create your own Skype button using a free image editor such as GIMP.

Upload the Skype button image to a free image hosting website such as ImageShack or Imgur (links in Resources) and take note of the URL code generated for the image.

Sign in to your Gmail account and click the gear-shaped button.

Select “Settings” from the drop-down list and then click the radio button next to “Signature.”

Click the “Insert Image” button and then insert the URL to your Skype button in the “Image URL” input box.

Click “OK” and then click the button in the signature input box.

Click the “Link” icon and click the radio button next to “Web address.”

Type “skype:”, followed by your Skype username and the “?call” function (without the quotation marks.) For example, if your Skype username is “SkypeUserName” the link would be as follow;

Click “OK” and then click “Save Changes” to add the Skype button to your emails as a signature.

I think that’s pretty neat.

We will be bringing you more tips as soon as we get them!


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