Skype Translator is Here! (If You Are A Windows User)

It’s been six months since Skype started previewing their answer to Star Trek’s universal translator, “Skype Translator”.  If you want access to this cutting edge version of their messaging app you need to sign up for a beta version.  Well the good news is no sign up is nessesary now. You can just download it.

The bad news?  It’s only available as desktop for Windows 8.1 and the preview version of Windows 10. I hope use regular Skype users don’t have to wait too long before it becomes available for Mac users and users of mobile devices.

Skype Translator Works in Real Time in Four Languages

So now everyone can now try the Translator and not have to wait to be invite only approved. It has live translating for four languages now, English, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin which is a great start and more languages are promised soon. It’s not exactly as fluid as talking natively on the phone, but it works, and incredible that you can now chat directly with someone in China.

Instant Messaging in over Fifty Languages

As for text driven conversations, Skype Translator can now translate over 50 different languages, users can write a text message in their own language, and the recipient can receive it in their own language. Hopefully no more misunderstandings, this technology could really change the world.

Microsoft released the Skype Translator preview back in December 2014, and has received excellent feedback from the early adopters.  One of those early adopters is Pro Mujer, which is a New York City based non-profit development organization dedicated to helping and providing women in Latin America with  financial, health, and human development services that are typically out of reach to these women, empowering them to become financially independent, healthy, and leaders in their local communities.

Below is a video helping you to setup Skype Translator on your own PC.

Microsoft please hurry up and get the Mac version ready, I really want to start using this tech myself.

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