Skype TX – A Version for TV Broadcasters

Skype TX, a special version of Microsoft’s communication software especially designed for professional TV broadcasts, made more steps to it’s full release with the signing of three new  hardware partners.Initially announced in April, Skype TX combines hardware and software developed to allow Skype video calls to be integrated into a professional studio broadcast production.Skype is often used on TV programs to conduct remote interviews, but the quality is always lacking somewhat. So with the combination of new software and hardware, improvements in managing Skype and the quality of the image and sound that is broadcast is a benefit not only to the viewer but also promotes the use of Skype to the public.

Microsoft stated back in April that Skype TX would be available in the coming year.  Microsoft official Bryan Steele in a blog post recently  “With Skype TX, program producers can connect Skype users and easily integrate them directly into their production environment. We’re able to bring a new dimension to their production and help create and inspire a brand new generation of media moments.” Bryan Steele also announced the new hardware partners NewTek, Quicklink and Riedel.

So what does Skype TX do?  It lets producers add full-frame Skype video and audio via HD-SDI (high definition serial digital interface) formats, integrate the Skype elements with the broadcast workflow and handle multiple, simultaneous Skype calls via a management console, as well as monitor and adjust the quality and settings of Skype feeds, sounds awesome!.

Its integration with its enterprise unified communications server counterpart Lync will give Skype a bigger role in business communications. Overall, Skype TX is part of the broader initiative to increase and improve usage of Skype in today’s media.

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