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skype video call

Making a Skype Video Call

Making a Skype video chat or call is really simple. Once you have found your friends and family, simply hit the video call button, and you’re off.

Check out these resources for more information:

How to Add Contacts:

How to Video Chat on Skype:

Skype Group VideoSkype group video

If you want to Skype multiple people, creating a Skype group video call (or Skype video conference) is just as easy as calling one person. Except you select up to 10 friends or contacts (though 5 is recommended as the optimum highest number for call quality), and hit the video call button. When they answer, you will see their faces appear in real time. If someone isn’t available, they will have the chance to join later.

Check out this video for more information on Skype conference video know how:

If you experience Skype video not working, you can try rebooting Skype, resetting your internet connection or check this Skype Support page for further troubleshooting.

Record Skype Video

Skype itself doesn’t support the direct recording of calls, there is no direct Skype recorder, but there are some plug-in apps available by third party developers which are a kind of Skype video recorder. You can read about this on our Skype Recorder page but we recommend the following two apps:

ECAMM – For Mac click here.

Pamela – For PC click here.

Skype Video Message

Watch this simple video to see how to record video messages in Skype:

Skype Screens Sharing

With Skype screen share you can show others what you are seeing on your computer screen. This can be done in a voice call in Skype. Before Skype screen share you will want to make sure you have the following:

  1. Download the latest version of Skype
  2. A internet (broadband) connection
  3. A computer with 512MB of memory and 1GHz of CPU

How To Share Screens in Skype

Start your voice call with the contact who you want to share your screen with

Press the + button and Share screen

skype screens share


Then your contact will be able to see your screen and you will be able to see whatever you are looking at on your computer screen. You can talk them through what you are viewing.