Skype WiFi

Skype Wifi

Skype WIFI

Skype WiFi coverage is available to you with a FREE APP, enabling you to connect to over 2 million Skype WiFi hotspots around the world. Skype WiFi signup is easy. Simply download the app and use your Skype credit to pay for access to WiFi hotspots when you’re away from home.

What Is Skype WiFi?

Skype WiFi is a way to use your Skype credit to use wifi hotspots that they have a deal with. If you want to find out more about Skype credit then check out our Skype Premium page.

The Skype WiFi app allows you to access up to 2 million Skype WiFi hotspots worldwide, reducing the need to fiddle with your credit cards and spend ages signing up to new hotspots.

Skype WiFi Cost

Skype WiFi prices vary depending on your internet provider but will be displayed when you connect to a Skype WiFi hotspot. Skype WiFi reviews online suggest that occasionally it can be costly, but that is more to do with your service provider and the internet providers, but if you need a connection in a hurry, it works well.

Skype WiFi Map

Find out where the Skype WiFi hotspots are in your area by clicking here. 

Skype WiFi Download

Skype WiFi iPhone: Download Skype WiFi app for iOS here.

Skype WiFi Mac: Download Skype WiFi App for Mac here.

Skype WiFi Windows: Download Skype WiFi App for Windows here.

Skype WiFi Android: Download Skype WiFi App for Android here. 

Skype WiFi Linux: Download Skype WiFi App for Linux here.