Therapy Sessions Are Moving From Couches To Skype Sessions

With the help of resources such as Skype, therapy sessions are now moving into the 21st century. When once you need to visit your therapist in person, these days it seems that this relationship is gradually moving to an online experience. So you can now receive the one-on-one help you need without leaving the comfort of your home/office/car wherever you are. Web chat resources such as Skype Chat, people can create time in their busy lives to easily have their meeting with their therapist.

The practise of telepsychology, to give online therapy it’s official title, is just as effective as in-person sessions, providing that the right security precautions are taken by both therapist and patient, and has also proven that when people with a common affliction gather online to share experiences, they have been shown to have a positive mental and psychological impact on each other through feelings of community and camaraderie.

Pretty Padded Room, connects mental health professionals with people in need. Users can check the bios and watch videos from the featured therapists so they can choose who best fits their needs. This site also features a two-way digital diary or journal that allows an ongoing conversation between patient and therapist.

The fact still remains that just having someone to talk to, no matter the medium, can be of tremendous help to people.

For more info on telepsychology go  here.



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